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Anatomy of a Growing Professional

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have much exciting news for Breanna’s Creations and for myself, Breanna Cox, as a professional.  How do these things help the professional community in New Mexico? How do these things help my clients?  These things will shine a light on my skills and will improve my skills.  I am here to serve you

Elected Member of the New Mexico Art Therapy Association

  • I am pleased and honored to be elected as a student member on the Directors Board of the New Mexico Art Therapy Association.
  • This is exciting for my professional life and I will get to rub elbows with Art Therapists who are already in the field; working with clients. Plus this is outside of school of course.  However, I am on the 3-year plan in Grad School so I have enough time to balance both.
  • Happy to contribute my Journalism and Photography skills to the Art Therapy community. Plus I’ll be able to get leadership skills as well!


New Business Cards!

  • As I said in this post, I have multiple professional identities! This is a good problem right?
  • I’m not sure if business cards are still used, but they are definitely good to have when necessary.
  • With this design, I wanted something different than the standard horizontal 3-piece layout.  Hopefully, this will be unique and stick for the people that get one.  After all, I’m unique!


New Camera Equipment!! The Canon 6D Mark II is here!!

  • I posted an unboxing video in my last blog post. I am new to video, and to …ahem…unboxing.  Comment below and let me know what you think!
  • The Canon 6D Mark II is a big step up from my 40D.  It is a full frame and I hope to capture the moments and images that need to be seen. Please send any tips! I am open to learning from other Canon shooters.
  • Of course, I took advantage of a Cyber Monday deal at Adorama. The price was $1699, and it came with a ton of accessories, and the Canon Pixma printer. Wow!  Since then, the price has gone to $2049. (that’s before the shipping cost)  For those of you looking at camera equipment, it is an investment – look and compare deals!
  • Plus – the $350 Rebate thru Canon. Let’s hope I can do this paperwork right and get that rebate. Does anybody have tips on that process please?


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~Taps Mic~ Is this thing on? (My struggle with audience/niche.)

I am struggling with niche and audience.  Well, if you are reading this – you are my audience.  I appreciate you! You probably stumbled on my blog via WordPress land or from my Twitter profile.  Nonetheless, I still need to define who my audience is and how I can grow my audience. Perhaps you can help me?

First –

  • I’m a graduate student just entering the field of Art Therapy/Counseling.  So I could brand myself as a graduate student.  Or I would like to start building my professional image as an Art Therapist (who is currently in school.) So is my audience other graduate students who might share the same experience?  Or is my audience the Art Therapy community?  See the dilemma?
  • Also, I’m a photojournalist – albeit on hiatus currently, but I still have skills and it is my artistic forte.  Every art therapist will have an artist identity.  In the real world, I would like to have clients who might need portraits done. How do said clients find me and why would they hire an Art Therapy grad student? Oh wait, this grad student is a professional photographer!
  • Then there is papercrafting.  I make cards, occasionally scrapbook, and dabble in mixed media.  Oh yeah, and I am a Fun Stampers Journey Coach (#10520).  I have been wanting to show cards on this blog and even easy how-tos that have helped me.  However, is there a need for folks to see my papercrafting?  I hope so!


More thoughts to come on this…

Thanks for any thoughts or insights…Good night all!

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The Power of Social Media and how it relates to Business (a quick overview)

I just attended a webinar on the Power of Social Media from Constant Contact and I thought I’d share a few notes from the webinar.

Please also refer to an earlier post on Wrapping Your Head Around Social Media.

The host mostly talked about how social media can be used for business purposes as well as in email marketing.  For those of us who have been involved with social media for a long time, this may be a review; but I hope to share a few helpful things that you may not already know.

Social Media usually falls in 2 categories

  • Business Network
  • Social Network

Good Email Marketing involves:

  • Understanding  your customers
  • Provide info on your reader’s schedule
  • Email and Social Media are not competition, but they should complement each other!

3 different types of Social Media
– Social

  • Facebook
  • Myspace

– Business 2 Business

  • LinkedIn

– Groups

  • Google Groups

Professional Networking: Get on LinkedIN!

  • Business 2 Business – You can see other contacts of the people that you are connected with.
  • People on LinkedIn may not want to know what you did on Saturday (where as Facebook can still be used professionally, but you may put a few pictures on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn.)
  • It is like a portfolio or resume for other people to see.


  • Listen to what people are commenting.
  • Think of a blog like a conversation of helpful hints that you might have with a friend.

At the end of the webinar, someone asked “How much social media is too much?” The host responded with “Always think of the relevance of the matter over frequency.”

Constant Contact’s Power of Social Media Webinar Presentation

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Updating your status across multiple social networks

Lately, I’ve become a social media junky.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve graduated and supposedly that means I must have more time on my hands.  Or it could be this new project I have working with NKU Community Connections. I’ve been coming up with ways to keep the department and the programs updated and connected to the NKU community via social media.  Visit our the NKU Community Connection’s Twitter page and Facebook page!

Anyway, through out my day, I found myself floating between both my NKU Connect account and through my own account through all the networks.  One minute I’m working on our Facebook page, next minute I’m over on Twitter, and before I know it, I’m adding comment to a discussion on LinkedIn that talks about our summer camps we help facilitate.  Are you getting overwhelmed just reading all of this? (Let alone doing it, you’d get dizzy!)

I have been in some extensive discussion with lots of new media folks about how are we supposed to process all of this information.  For this entry, I want to let you know there’s an easy way to update  your status on all of your networks at once – Ping it!  That’s right!  Go to and it is “a free service that makes updating your social networks a snap!” They support about 40 social networks and if  you ask me, that’s enough.  Who would ever need to update more than 40 networks?

By the way, it shortens your urls for you!

See Mashable’s article:
Update all of your Lifestreams at once (Invisible)

The dashboard is easy to navigate!
The dashboard is easy to navigate!

P.S. – In fact, I’m going to update my status on all of my networks of this blog post using! It’s so convenient!