What does it mean to “Be Present”?

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Too often these days, I see people with their head down in their phone. Or they are distracted by their environment instead of tasting their food, or looking at the person in front of them, or focused at whatever is in front of them. I know we all do it in this fast-pace world. I’m guilty of it from time to time too. So I ask – what does it mean to Be Present?

Also, learning and practicing to stay present is more than just putting the phone away and limiting distractions. It’s a great start! I would also add that being present means focusing on what a person is saying and practicing active listening. Trust me, it can be difficult because all of us are taught to stay engaged in the discussion; and to have something to say in return. No! Be mindful!

I recently watched the newly released movie “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”. It is about the relationship about Mr. Rogers from the classic show “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood” with the reporter Tom Junod. Early on while on the phone, Mr. Rogers asked Tom, “Do you know what is the most important thing in the world right now?” Tom was confused. Mr. Rogers replied, “It’s you. I’m talking with you right now.”

So little by little, I hope that each of us can learn small ways to practice being present. More importantly, you matter and I hope you can make others around you feel that they matter too. How do you make others feel that they are worth being heard?

Be present. Be mindful.

Photo by Professional Photographer Breanna Cox.

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