“I am a charm, a gem, and a jewel. I am respect, trust, and love. I have been held and you can let me go for protection so you can grow.”

In this dream, I was holding a necklace or some kind of treasure. It reminded me of a piece of solid amber and giving it to my husband. My face looked bittersweet but relieved perhaps. We have been exploring various ways to be intimate (not just physical, but emotional and mental as well). This requires trust and vulnerability even to a partner. In the dream, there was another person there, but to the side that reassured me “It’s ok, you will have more.” To me, this made me wonder if my subconscious was letting go of my pregnancy loss from last year. Also, it gives food for thought as gender norms say that the man tends to be more protective. (Women are protective of their offspring but in a different way.)

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