Shooting Star Hydrangea

Hey y’all – I’m the WordPress webmaster for (NM Art Therapy Association). Trust me when I say that WordPress, as a platform, makes it easy for me to update pages and mage the site. So this comes as a pleasant surprise and I’m grateful when I got these flowers over the weekend at our last board meeting.

Since the name of it is a “Shooting Star Hydrangea” – I asked our President Val if that implies that I am a shooting star? She said, “It looked unique. I had never seen anything like it.” I said, “You’ve probably never known anyone like me.” (I’m an INFJ of course! As an INDJ – I’m surprised but skeptical. ;))

It worth noting that in recent months I havd been looking at my working process. How has the military influenced my work on the websites I manage and my photography? I’ll post the thank you card in the comments; as Val said that I have been efficient in getting updates done. So I’m more efficient but I know I’m more conscious and aware of my people.

P.S. Who wants to start bets on how long until it dies? (I don’t have much faith on keeping it alive.)

P.S. 2 – I’ll definitely use it for photos! 📷😎

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