Reflection from Video : Ugly Delicious, Episode 6, Fried Chicken

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In this video, it is amazing to find out a chicken that has been used for thousands of years for food; it now has several different meanings. Can just anybody make fried chicken, serve it with hot sauce, and call it “Nashville Hot chicken?” It was enlightening to hear comments from the food critic Lois Eric Elise; who spoke from the perspective of being Black and knowing Black food culture. It is insanely disheartening to hear of the Fuzzy Zeller story who made a very racist comment “in code” about Tiger Woods and chicken. So now it seems that the history of chicken has implicit views from people about Black people. How can we continue to honor the heritage of fried chicken, as it is presented in the context of Soul Food, without completely disrespecting a whole set of the human species?

Here is a link to “Ugly Delicious” on Netflix:

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