I get excited about natural settings and natural processes. I know that I am much more “present” when my surroundings are still. Even if my surroundings aren’t completely still, I am more apt to be cognizant and attentive in a less noisy and more natural environment.

Inadvertently, I have been exploring all forms of connecting with nature and how it impacts my creative process. It is important to note that I am drawn to more green scenery and I have been longing for more green surroundings lately. I strongly considered using nature in my process (as in actual art making in a natural setting). However, it doesn’t seem feasible considering the scale I have chosen for my project and the short time commitment. In the future, when time is not a factor and I have time to explore materials – then I would involve nature; even for idea making!

I am also excited with anything that involves the imagination – not just my imagination. I hope to make things that will entice someone else’s imagination. In my own journey of boundaries and self-care, I have learned that I am only responsible for my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. I am always cognizant of how I may come off to people, but I can’t be responsible for someone else’s perception – both of me and my artwork.

I hope that I can improve my creative so that it inspires others who see it or feel it. Even if my viewers and readers don’t do anything with some inspiration – at least for me as an artist, my purpose is to matter and help others feel that they matter. Maybe if I can harness a positive energy to inspire some imagination – then I have done my job as an artist (fulfilled my own purpose).

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