Practice example of active listening and empathic attunement for Counselors/Therapists

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As the Counselor, use active listening skills and tell the client what you are ‘hearing.’

  1. Describe an experience in your life when you were “triggered” by a person or situation and found yourself ‘needing’ to be right.
  2. When this happened, what did you experience: 1) in your physical body, 2) emotionally and 3) what kinds of thoughts did you entertain? (Stories you told yourself, judgments you made, etc)
  3. What were you afraid of, or trying to protect?
  4. What was toxic about this to yourself and/or the other person?
  5. Forgiveness process: Take a moment – close your eyes – go inside- breathe – scan your body and allow yourself to just let go of any tension you become aware of. Come fully present into this moment. Bring your attention to your heart and visualize light and love emanating from it – filling you and surrounding you with a sense of well-being. Feel your connection to your body, to your heart, to the Earth, to all of life. From this expanded place in you….visualize the experience you described from a place of inner calm and well-being. Forgive yourself for any judgments you placed against yourself or anyone else. When you are ready….open your eyes. (At some point ask….) What are you experiencing now?

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