While reading The Holotropic Mind (Grof, 1992), I kept an open mind on all of the wide open ideas and concepts. However, the author is overly biased in many areas and his language is pretentious, assumptive, and generalized. His writing is redundant, choppy, and lacking in pragmatic support. At times, I wondered how the concepts and writing and concepts would be different if it were written by a woman. For me personally, since I am a former licensed EMT; I had to re-read what I saw as Level of Consciousness and it actually said State of Consciousness. At no point did I put up a wall. I gave the book its due diligence.
In the first half of the hook, Grof talks about the holographic process and possibilities of the learning from unknown depths of the psyche. However, I am not a fan of his methods as it requires LSD-25, a mind altering substance, in order to get to the non-ordinary states of consciousness. It is absurd that someone would be able to see a perinatal or fetal psyche, especially while under the influence of a drug. Plus, why would one need to learn about their own birth process; how does it relate to our everyday life?
We have much to learn from our ancestors and what their lives can still teach us. I felt the most with the theme of relating, understanding, and “working with” our ancestors. In one story, (Grof, 1992) a client that went through the transpersonal process talked with his dead grandmother who instructed him to get roses from Aunt Anna. He remained skeptical, but he visited his aunt and it was the one day of the year that she pruned her roses. This must have felt bizarre for him to experience. For me, my grandfather has been gone for eight years but I would love a few moments with him. I know he would reassure me that I am doing my best.

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