Empathy and Caring are the Partnership Way

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In The Power of Partnership, I learned of the partnership way that I can implement in many different ways in my day-to-day life. In order to improve on ways of relating, one has to start with being empathic with oneself. It makes sense that Eisner started this journey with the intimate relations intrinsically and in our smallest circle of loved ones. I related to the author’s reassurance that we must have a sense of humor and growth (pg 34). Currently, I am going through my own time of tribulation; and I am leaning on my husband for some added consideration and gentleness (pg 46).

In the section on work relations, Eisler talks about companies that take care of their employees and the productivity that results from the partnership environment. “Knowing that when we feel good we learn and work more effectively, it makes sense, if only for economic reasons, to shift to the partnership model.” (Pg 64). I quoted this directly to show the process of when workers are treated like they are needed, then they do better work. While in the U.S. Air Force, each of my fellow enlisted members and my leading officers raised their hand voluntarily. However, in every section I worked in, the supervisors would check daily to make sure we have what we need to do our job. Once a month, we would have “morale boosters” that ranged from an afternoon off from work to the holiday gala. These are all examples of how a business can thrive when its employees’ needs are cared for; even in the military.

Politics have never been fun for me, and sometimes I avoid them. I do identify as a “progressive” leaning individual, which says a lot coming from a small town of 10K folks in the “Bible Belt” of Kentucky. However, I am pleased to see that the author emphasizes time and time again that the partnership model in the national community is about moving forward for the interested of all. (Pg 92). I will always identify as a journalist, so it pains me to see this author say that so many of our media outlets have been manipulated; or continue to filter their message. (Pg 99)

Finally, it seems all of us and myself need to take more proactive steps to preserve our natural world. This is necessary for self-protection of continual breath and oxygen. I now have practical ways to work towards a partnership way by looking at the products I use, and to see how the technologies I use are developed and funded. (Pg 172) From a spiritual perspective, I am already sensitive and empathic; probably more so to others than to myself (as has been brought out to the open lately). I will continue to heighten awareness and strive to push my limits towards the caring and respect of the partnership way.

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