Intro to facilitating Group Art Therapy session

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Here is a script I came up with to help me with facilitating a group Art Therapy class. This is actually for Art Therapy Techniques and Materials class.  However, we chose to facilitate in group style, adults, and this session would be like the introductory session.

Please let me know of anything good here, and anything you would change!  Thank you!


Hello everyone! First off, welcome to group art therapy! We will start off with some ground rules, expectations, a meditation, and then going into our main activity today, and finally a closing. Sound good? Let’s get started!


Let’s talk about a few “ground rules” just so we’re all on the same page. Please have respect for everyone and be courteous. Listen with both ears and your heart.  Don’t talk when others are talking – only one person has “the floor” at a time. Let’s all stay on time and we will help with timeliness as well. Keep food out of the artworking area, and do your best to keep a neat workspace. No smoking inside and no electronic devices while we are engaged in group session. In case anyone needs to use the restroom, you are welcome to get up on your own – the restrooms are out the door and to the left.


Expectations – Participation is expected, but not required.  We only want you to share what you feel comfortable sharing.  It is at your discretion.  This art therapy group will be like when you are younger – it will be spontaneous artmaking.  You are not expected to have high quality works of art, but please pay attention during your own therapeutic process.  There is no judging and no “right” way of doing YOUR process/artwork. We invite you to explore in an open-ended way.  This is your timeline of your thoughts and feelings.

Meditation – see script.
… T A L K     s  l  o  o  o  w  w!!


Main Exercise/Experiential – Angela (My co-lead for this project will do this part.)
Closing – Both of us together



Featured Image – This is not my image, but it was available through WordPress Free Photo Library.  As a photographer myself, it is important for me to be transparent.

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