UPDATED – Please read through to the bottom to see added tips!

Always humble, I never brag about much anything. However, I’ve had a couple exciting things happen lately that are worthy for me to brag. I hope the new year is treating you kindly as well!

Quoted by Canon on Twitter – my image was shared!

  • This felt really amazing to have my image highlighted and shared by Canon. Thank you to everyone who have retweeted this and have followed me!
  • (Ok, this was technically right before the new year but I still wanted to list it here. 👌😎)
  • This photo is part of a photo story of the Farolito Walk on Canyon Road on Christmas Eve in Santa Fe, NM. Want to see the rest of the images in the story? Of course  you do!

Featured and Listed on the Art Therapy Alliance Blog Index!

  • I am feeling lucky and honored that this blog, Breanna’s Creations, is on the Blog Index of the Art Therapy Alliance.
  • Possibilities could be endless now that I’m networking in the Art Therapy community.

As a side note for anyone in the Art Therapy community, there will be online discussions on Facebook that follow the book The Art Therapist’s Guide to Social Media. Hope you can join us on this chat! (Link goes to the Facebook event)

I look forward to more small steps of success. Thank you to my readers and the community. Connect with me, or please leave a comment!

Why should you care? Here are 3 top ways for you to learn from my success:

  • Creative professional? Keep doing, keep making, and keep creating.  Stay persistent.  Then put a piece of your work out there at a time.
  • Use social media to your advantage.  Quote, retweet, or share your stuff and other folks’ stuff in your profession.  Build your audience and build your community. Help us help you.
  • Lastly is community and connections and networking – these have all been overused words for the professional age of the last 20 years.  If you do the first two steps, then you will be able to meet other creative professionals.  Engage and inquire with other people.  It takes guts and vulnerability, but it is worth it! (Trust me, I’m an INFJ, so I have to plan this kind of stuff.)


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