Happy Tuesday everyone! I have much exciting news for Breanna’s Creations and for myself, Breanna Cox, as a professional.  How do these things help the professional community in New Mexico? How do these things help my clients?  These things will shine a light on my skills and will improve my skills.  I am here to serve you

Elected Member of the New Mexico Art Therapy Association

  • I am pleased and honored to be elected as a student member on the Directors Board of the New Mexico Art Therapy Association.
  • This is exciting for my professional life and I will get to rub elbows with Art Therapists who are already in the field; working with clients. Plus this is outside of school of course.  However, I am on the 3-year plan in Grad School so I have enough time to balance both.
  • Happy to contribute my Journalism and Photography skills to the Art Therapy community. Plus I’ll be able to get leadership skills as well!


New Business Cards!

  • As I said in this post, I have multiple professional identities! This is a good problem right?
  • I’m not sure if business cards are still used, but they are definitely good to have when necessary.
  • With this design, I wanted something different than the standard horizontal 3-piece layout.  Hopefully, this will be unique and stick for the people that get one.  After all, I’m unique!


New Camera Equipment!! The Canon 6D Mark II is here!!

  • I posted an unboxing video in my last blog post. I am new to video, and to …ahem…unboxing.  Comment below and let me know what you think!
  • The Canon 6D Mark II is a big step up from my 40D.  It is a full frame and I hope to capture the moments and images that need to be seen. Please send any tips! I am open to learning from other Canon shooters.
  • Of course, I took advantage of a Cyber Monday deal at Adorama. The price was $1699, and it came with a ton of accessories, and the Canon Pixma printer. Wow!  Since then, the price has gone to $2049. (that’s before the shipping cost)  For those of you looking at camera equipment, it is an investment – look and compare deals!
  • Plus – the $350 Rebate thru Canon. Let’s hope I can do this paperwork right and get that rebate. Does anybody have tips on that process please?


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