Making art for different reasons

How can I make art in a different way that what I have done?

As we went around the room and named reasons why we make art, my 3 main reasons are as a form of a reflection, a gift, or also to tell a story. It was rather eye-opening to hear of other classmates’ ideas and reasons to make art. This is somewhat of a representation of future clients – we will have a variety of clients with different needs and wants for art making. I will of course do my utmost effort to address a client’s need or want towards their art making.

How can I make art in a different way – someone said to “make art to destroy.” This is definitely throwing me for a curveball since I can’t think of what art would destroy. Would the artwork destroy a bad relationship, or a bad wall (coverup), or destroy a broken government. Depending on what the artwork is specifically destroying – then I would cater to that goal. I can imagine that artwork to destroy would have a strong, rebellious attitude about it.

How about “make art because I care” – then I would make something that cares. Hopefully it shows to the person that gets the artwork, that I care, and they are getting a sense of comfort and warmth from caring artwork. How would I make this kind of artwork – that cares – it does make me think of my card making. Handmade cards tend to have a caring quality, or at least, they should. Also, making art because I care, can also apply to my other reason as a gift. Finally, making artwork because I care could shed light on art therapist that are working to help and heal clients. They care for their clients, with their artwork.

Many people in the class talked about “making art for fun.” Why didn’t I think of that?! Making art can be fun, and it should be fun! Perhaps because many artists feel restricted based on expectations, and then we forget to have fun. If I were to try to do art making for the purpose to have fun, I think I would try free flow style. I would be a lot less restrictive with myself probably. I really want to try this idea perhaps in my art journal and see how it looks different.

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