The Power of Social Media and how it relates to Business (a quick overview)

I just attended a webinar on the Power of Social Media from Constant Contact and I thought I’d share a few notes from the webinar.

Please also refer to an earlier post on Wrapping Your Head Around Social Media.

The host mostly talked about how social media can be used for business purposes as well as in email marketing.  For those of us who have been involved with social media for a long time, this may be a review; but I hope to share a few helpful things that you may not already know.

Social Media usually falls in 2 categories

  • Business Network
  • Social Network

Good Email Marketing involves:

  • Understanding  your customers
  • Provide info on your reader’s schedule
  • Email and Social Media are not competition, but they should complement each other!

3 different types of Social Media
– Social

  • Facebook
  • Myspace

– Business 2 Business

  • LinkedIn

– Groups

  • Google Groups

Professional Networking: Get on LinkedIN!

  • Business 2 Business – You can see other contacts of the people that you are connected with.
  • People on LinkedIn may not want to know what you did on Saturday (where as Facebook can still be used professionally, but you may put a few pictures on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn.)
  • It is like a portfolio or resume for other people to see.


  • Listen to what people are commenting.
  • Think of a blog like a conversation of helpful hints that you might have with a friend.

At the end of the webinar, someone asked “How much social media is too much?” The host responded with “Always think of the relevance of the matter over frequency.”

Constant Contact’s Power of Social Media Webinar Presentation

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