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Lately, I’ve become a social media junky.  I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve graduated and supposedly that means I must have more time on my hands.  Or it could be this new project I have working with NKU Community Connections. I’ve been coming up with ways to keep the department and the programs updated and connected to the NKU community via social media.  Visit our the NKU Community Connection’s Twitter page and Facebook page!

Anyway, through out my day, I found myself floating between both my NKU Connect account and through my own account through all the networks.  One minute I’m working on our Facebook page, next minute I’m over on Twitter, and before I know it, I’m adding comment to a discussion on LinkedIn that talks about our summer camps we help facilitate.  Are you getting overwhelmed just reading all of this? (Let alone doing it, you’d get dizzy!)

I have been in some extensive discussion with lots of new media folks about how are we supposed to process all of this information.  For this entry, I want to let you know there’s an easy way to update  your status on all of your networks at once – Ping it!  That’s right!  Go to Ping.fm and it is “a free service that makes updating your social networks a snap!” They support about 40 social networks and if  you ask me, that’s enough.  Who would ever need to update more than 40 networks?

By the way, it shortens your urls for you!

See Mashable’s Ping.fm article:
Update all of your Lifestreams at once (Invisible)

The dashboard is easy to navigate!
The dashboard is easy to navigate!

P.S. – In fact, I’m going to update my status on all of my networks of this blog post using Ping.fm! It’s so convenient!

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