Getting noticed by Google

Right now, I’m at an informational session by a nearby digital photo lab – Madison Photo Works. They are here to show their new 2009 product line.  They are very professional and I would recommend them to anyone!  Besdies products, they had lots of other information to offer.  The owner, Chuck Zix, talked about how to maximize your search engine optimization (SEO) and high indexing.

Tips  and Points for high indexing on Google

  • It doesn’t find Flash well.
  • Google is not friendly with Blue Domain.
  • Professional Photography is a very intensive search.
  • It will find paid sites before it finds free sites.
  • Use Ad Words – pay per click.
  • Be cautious of scams! I.E. – Pay $700 and get your website on top ten listing
  • Google sees plain text! (for the better indexing of sites)
  • It doesn’t like Page Reader X.

Other Web Design Thoughts

  • Have a nice opening page!
  • You have 8 seconds to grab your viewer’s attention!
  • Make sure your marketing is online!
  • Is your website representative of what you are?

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