Endeavors of Good Journalism

As we all know, the media industry is constantly changing and reinventing itself.  First and foremost, newspapers are businesses and they are having to look at different business strategies besides the traditional business scheme.  Above all, I believe the story is what is important.  However, there are still lots of reporters of all sorts who have either lost their job or on the verge of it.

The Huffington Post, n popular online “newspaper,” is teaming up with a local non-profit organization and launching a journalism venture.  According to the article, the initial budget is $1.75 million and it will fund at least 10 reporters and many freelancers to do investigative stories.  Journalists are still trained to be a watchdog and they need jobs too.  I believe this “venture” is something of other “ventures” to come!

The Huffington Post’s Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief Arianna Huffington said:
“All who recognise the indispensable role good journalism plays in our democracy are looking for ways to preserve it during this transitional period.”

Also, Jeff Jarvis of The BuzzMachine says:

“The future of journalism is not about some single new-fangled product and company taking over from the old-fangled and monopolistic predecessor. News come from a broad ecosystem with many players adding in under many models for many reasons. News organizations will organize news in this diverse new framework, aggregating, curating, organizing. Laid-off journalists are starting blogs, alongside other bloggers.”

Articles of Interest

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