Being TOO social on social media, especially Twitter

Today, I ran across a story about a guy who tweeted on Twitter about a job he just accepted and how he blatantly said that he was going to hate the job.  I’ll be honest and say that I’m still learning about this whole social media thing like twitter and other sites.  However, it would behoove people who use social media to use common sense to what is said on the internet!

How to Tweet Your Way out of a Job

Also, New Media Cincinnati just had a “meetup” last Saturday.  I had to work the Girl Power Invitational, so I was unable to attend.  However, one of the speakers, Kristen Beireis, talked about this very topic.  Listen to the podcast on this blogpost! (Thank you Daniel at New Media Cincinnati!!)

Kristen Beireis on How Social is Too Social

Other Articles of Interest:

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Update #1 –  This is a “hawt post” on right now! The author and many of the comment posters prove a good point that there is nothing private on anything electronic.
The Brandbuilder Blog – How to lose your job in 120 characters or less

Update #2 – This message is from the original Tweeter poster – @the connor
Dear Internet Superheroes: There are things you should know.

6 Replies to “Being TOO social on social media, especially Twitter”

  1. Umm this is a no brainer. If you’re trying to get a professional position, they’re going to google you. They’re going to search you’re facebook,twitter,myspace, etc… Don’t do anything stupid on there, or if you do, make sure that your privacy settings are such that no one but close friends can see…


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