I apologize for being absent this week.  I’ve had to devote myself to midterms and I’m just now catching my breath.

This post is to talk about Blurb’s second-annual photo book contest, but I’ll talk about photo books first.

Anyway, it is so easy these days to publish one’s own book.  Now for those of you out there who write a little (or a lot) less than me, and you like pictures instead, then you can still put your pictures in a book!  Photo Books can be anything that you want them to be.  You can take pictures on your study-abroad trip like I did on my trip to Scotland last summer and I’m currently working on a blog book from that trip. I’ve seen people do a picture a day and put it in a smaller book, which is then easier to look at since it’s so small and it’s a book of easy-to-look-at images.

Overall, books could show a single project or they could be several images from several different projects depending on the theme of the book.

There are many self-publishing sites out on the web.  I’ve tried MyPublisher, and they usually offer a “free photo book,” but their software doesn’t have the easiest user-friendly interface.

My photo adviser at school got me into using Blurb. Both their website and the software you use to make your book are extremely user-friendly.  Also, their customer service is top notch and it’s always neat to keep track of the Blurbarati Blog for tips and for “staff picks” of the staff’s favorite books.

In October of 2007, I took lots of pictures at my brother’s wedding and their gift was a blurb book made into a wedding album.  So my first and only book so far (my Scotland blog book will be published soon) is of Buddah and Lauren’s Wedding (my bro’s nickname is Buddah). My Blurb profile is always on my conact page.


Now, the main point of this post is to inform you of Blurb’s Second-Annual Photo Book Contest appropriately titled:

Hellooooo!  You take pictures, you download the Blurb Software – Booksmart, you make magic with your book-making skills, and you enter the international juried competition!  It couldn’t be any easier!

Three Categories to enter!

  • Fine Art
  • Editorial
  • Commercial Photography

Awards! – $25,000 smackaroos for the grand prize (and several other prizes and honorable mentions).

They have some fine print on the Rules.

Happy Book-making!


Some Blurb authors or books I would recommend:

Barbara Houghton

Stacey Downey

Richard Koci HernandezMultimedia Journal

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