Final Cut Pro: An Overview of the Interface

Right now I’m taking a media aesthetics video class and we just started delving a little into Final Cut Pro. The interface of the software is not like any other I’ve seen so it’s taking a while learning where everything is on the interface.  Just in case any one else is in the same boat as I am, I thought I’d share some of the tutorials I have found.

Final Cut is intended to be used as a video editing software.  However, I am finding out it is useful for putting together professional slideshows or even multimedia presentations – video and images can be in the same project.

From the Knight Digital Media Center at UC Berkeley’s Journalism School, here is their Introduction:

Final Cut Pro is a very sophisticated video editing program made by Apple.

It is the editing software of choice for multimedia journalists using Apple computers, and is comparable to Adobe’s Premiere video editing program for the Windows platform (Final Cut Pro does not make a version for Windows, and Premiere has discontinued making a version for the Apple platform).

Final Cut Pro is particularly popular with video journalists working in the field who want to edit their video on a laptop computer.

It’s very important to do some initial settings in Final Cut Pro to make sure you’re storing your video properly (this is especially true if you are sharing a computer with others who also are using Final Cut Pro for their video projects).

Here are a few tutorials:

Apple – Overview of the Interface

Digital Media Net: Final Cut Pro 6 – Navigating the Workspace

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