Journalism Graduates: A New View of the Job Market

I am passing on an email I just received from a teacher concerning a 2008 Journalism graduate’s new perspective on the job market.  I wish everyone good luck!

Here are the graduate’s words:

A job w/ benefits lined up right afterwards but that’s just really not the case for most people anymore.  It may take a bit longer.  I think the sooner they realize that that’s OK, I think the more prepared they’ll begin to feel.

A job right after college doesn’t necessarily have to be with a prestigious daily working as a reporter.  It could be  interning or freelancing at a neighborhood weekly or monthly magazine which can help get your foot in the door to something bigger later on.  Even if this contract job doesn’t pan out for me, I know I made enough contacts with the people that I worked with.  They’re keeping an eye out for positions for me, and I can continue to freelance.

I’m not going to lie, for a while I was pretty desperate.  But then I realized it was going to be OK and that my prior vision for the future was a bit skewed.  Once I adjusted it, I realized I could still do the same things I wanted to do (writing) but just not exactly in the same forum I had expected, at least for now until the job market picks up and I have more of a choice.  Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury to be picky.  While a full time job with benefits is ideal, contract work and freelancing is pretty cool too — I’m enjoying it.

From my experiences though, employers in our industry are looking for people who are really active in social media, so Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Delicious, Digg, Ning, etc. and they want people who blog.  Any experience using it in a abusiness perspective is a HUGE plus.

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