I had a 16-hour day on Sunday working the photo booth for CO Photos at the Cincinnati Gymnastics Association (CGA). It was constantly going to to get cards from the photographers, giving them fresh cards and batteries, being at the booth to help customers to help with order forms or process credit cards, going to the coach’s tent to get diet pepsi for Sue (I had a floor pass.), helping with whatever other work flow necessary.

At the beginning of the day when the booth wasn’t getting slammed by tons of people trying to view their photos since the files aren’t in the system since the athlete JUST got off the floor, there was about 10-15 minutes that I was able to shoot. Chris Oehler is the owner of the company and let me borrow his 70-200 F/2.8, which was a dream. It was like a whole new set of eyes. (even tho the n. ky convention center had horrible yellow lighting and flash was not allowed!) ..They didn’t use any of my shots, but it was nice to play around. Here are a few:

Cincinnati Gymnastics Association 2009 Pictures

2 Replies to “CGA 2009”

  1. neato burrito. you still working on getting your own domain? i think you can link your blogger account to a personal domain blog.. i think..


  2. For a domain, I’ll probably go with bregaddie.com or bregaddiephotos.com – keepin it simple ya know.

    And yes, you can link blogger to a domain site, here’s a photographer I’m looking that put it on his site and you can’t even tell it’s a blogger blog until you see the “B” in the corner. I REALLY like his navigation on his blog!


    P.S. I only went with blogger instead of livejournal since that’s what photojos are using and it seemed easier to show photos in a slideshow. Well, that is until I realized it needed html code to do the slideshow thing (see entry in LJ blog).


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