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What is the meaning of life? Is it bacon?

What is the meaning of life? Each one of us define this in a different way. Perhaps this is why Existential therapy can make an impact for clients who are struggling with what they are doing in life. No, not the “doings” and many people get caught up in all the go-go-go, but lose sight of what they really want to do.

As we discussed Existentialism in class and then we made a responsive art work, I felt like existentialism is the type of philosophy that could be discussed for days. I felt a longing to know what is the real impact? Why should I care, and can I see myself using this concept and type of therapy in my future practice? Of course, in order to answer these questions for myself (and this paper); I had to do some further studying in the reading and my own self-reflection.

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Professional Orgs! What are they good for?

It goes without saying that participation in professional organizations can very well behoove the modern professional. There are many benefits that come with being a member of a professional organization. The most obvious benefit is networking, and networking can help young students and professionals get a foot into the field.

In the last few years of my undergraduate college years, I was lucky enough to be a part of 2 organizations. Since I pursued 2 degrees in Journalism and Photography, then I participated in both the local chapter of Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ); and also National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). I volunteered at the national conference for each professional org, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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Making art for different reasons

How can I make art in a different way that what I have done?

As we went around the room and named reasons why we make art, my 3 main reasons are as a form of a reflection, a gift, or also to tell a story. It was rather eye-opening to hear of other classmates’ ideas and reasons to make art. This is somewhat of a representation of future clients – we will have a variety of clients with different needs and wants for art making. I will of course do my utmost effort to address a client’s need or want towards their art making.

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